Old school pie

Craving a truly authentic pizza that’ll make you think you’re in some dive in New York or Chicago, where the pie is so perfectly good it just can’t be true? Look no further than Luigi’s. Since 1953, this family-run business has been cranking out deliciously simple pizza in an irregularly shaped corner building without progressing with the times one bit—no artichoke hearts, feta cheese or free-range chicken marinated in an ancho chili sauce for toppings. (You can get pepperoni, Italian sausage, olives and anchovies, however.) The sauce is just right; the crusts are perfectly crunchy. There’s also pasta with meat sauce, mushrooms or meatballs, and the salads have homemade dressings that equal the pizzas for flavor. The boss cooks the pizza and checks in to make sure you’re doing OK, from time to time. When asked if he’s "the" Luigi, he replied, "Sure I’m here every day and I’m Italian, so I’m Luigi." Some cool murals depicting Venice and other places in Italy, plus a fine old jukebox filled with rock ‘n’ roll, round out Luigi’s fine dining experience. Bonus: It’s open every night till midnight except Friday and Saturday, when it closes at 2 a.m.