OK to be an asshole

What do you get when you put three guys in a basement, throw in jokes about pube sandwiches and easy girls, and mix with rum? Probably this book. It reads like the product of a guys’ night of shooting the shit that ends with, ‘Hey, we should write a book about this!’ Assholeology joins self-help books in promising to turn you, the loser reader, into a carousing, womanizing, brown-nosing, Machiavellian asshole. The key is to become such a manipulative asshole that against all intelligence and instinct, people (your boss, women, partygoers) can’t help but love you. Read this for a good laugh and maybe even tips on building confidence. If not for the asshole timeline praising the likes of Charlemagne, Edison and Churchill, I might think these guys lacked the mental maturity to pull off a book: They use chapter recaps, drink recipes and pull quotes to turn what might fill 50 pages into something four times as long.