Her spirit

Romantic, riveting and beautiful: Bloodroot demonstrates how the soul of one woman can posses the spirit of many. Debut novelist Amy Greene recounts the tales of five people to illustrate the curse that Myra Lamb-Odom put on their lives. Born with “haint blue eyes,” Myra was destined to have the touch, the ability to ward off evil spirits and break the fulmination that had been cast on her Appalachian family three generations before on Bloodroot Mountain. But not all comminations can be broken, and what is a curse to one is a gift to another. Myra Lamb had a gifted curse, and her trapped and freedom-longing spirit flowed through the veins of those closest to her. With a literary style reminiscent of Toni Morrison, Greene shows readers how extreme, inescapable, unremitting adoration can transform your whole being. Filled with passion and poetry, Bloodroot is an exciting beginning for a literary career.