Oh, the horror

Grrr. I eat you.

Grrr. I eat you.

Photo Illustration by David Jayne

How to survive a zombie attack:

1. Run away, fast. Those unconscious undead may be strong, but they’re slow as hell.

2. Don’t believe your loved one can survive a zombie bite. They can’t, and they will turn on you.

3. And, for the love of all that’s undead, don’t run upstairs to escape. You’ll just be cornered and eaten, or defenestrated.

Most people know how fend off zombies with help from classic films such as Night of the Living Dead. But if you don’t mind joining the zombie ranks, Trash Film Orgy’s Second Saturday Zombie Walk is the perfect event to practice your zombielike stagger. Dress up in your best zombie attire and meet up at Sub-Q Body Piercing and Tattoos. Arrive early for additional “zombification.” Zombies will be able to play along in random zombie attacks and participate in an undead scavenger hunt.

And if you’re really into all things zombie, check out Zombie-o-rama Friday. There will be an outdoor screening of the classic Night of the Living Dead, other horrific shorts and interactive shows at Callson Manor Haunted House in Roseville.

If you miss out this weekend, the Sacramento Horror Film Festival will allow moviegoers to dress up and see some of the best local independent filmmakers and their work October 17-19 at the Colonial Theatre. There will be special appearances by the creators of Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Adrienne King (actress in Friday the 13th) and Tiffany Shepis (Dark Reel, Nightmare Man). There also will be a zombie beauty contest and musical performances. Tickets are $35 for a three-day pass, $15-20 single-day pass, $10 à la carte. For more information, call (916) 869-8954 or visit www.sachorrorfilmfest.com.