A maze of maize

Get lost … in the corn maze, that is.

Get lost … in the corn maze, that is.

Roaming through a labyrinth of towering corn as the sky gradually turns darker shades of blue armed only with a flashlight and, hopefully, a keen sense of direction, is worthy of a trip to Dixon.

The corn-maze masterminds (who also happen to be brothers) Matt and Mark Cooley said people should expect to spend at least one hour navigating the 42.9-acre maze. They admittedly got lost in their own maze, which garnered the world’s largest corn-maze designation by Guinness World Records in 2007. Back then, it was only 40 acres.

“We try to make our mazes more complex and have even gotten lost when we’ve walked into it ourselves,” said Mark Cooley in a news release. “When that happens, we know it’s good.”

There also will be pedal carts and big tricycles available to ride through the maze, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, creative scarecrow exhibits, an Indian village and an African mini-maze. Admission to the maze is $10 for adults and $6 for children 12 and younger. Admission to the pumpkin patch is free. For more information, visit www.coolpatchpumpkins.com.