Odd women

Laurelin Gilmore at Union Hall Gallery

“Coiled” by Laurelin Gilmore, oil on canvas, 2012.

“Coiled” by Laurelin Gilmore, oil on canvas, 2012.

Where: Union Hall Gallery, 2126 K Street; (916) 217-7500; www.facebook.com/lrcftunionhallgallery.

Second Saturday reception: June 14, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Through June 30.

Hours: Monday through Friday by appointment by calling (916) 448-2452.

East Sacramento is getting in on the Second Saturday art walk this month, and luckily, it's not being marketed as “East Second Sacturday.” Smart move. Art galleries—JayJay and Fe Gallery—will be hosting receptions as usual, but other businesses in the area will be, too: Inkoff.me, Evan's Kitchen and Article Consignment Boutique. Get your fill from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., then race down to Midtown to see Laurelin Gilmore's show, A Population of Oddities, at Union Hall Gallery before 9 o'clock.

Gilmore is a Sacramento-based artist, and her paintings of women are steeped in symbolism, mythology and, sometimes, snake or aligator scales. Or is it crocodile? An age-old question, indeed. Decide for yourself this Saturday.