Nutty holiday

So, National Pistachio Day this year was pretty epic, right? Oh no—you forgot to celebrate? Remedy that regret by saving the date February 26, 2014, on your calendar now so you don't blow it next year, and then indulge in the verdant, anti-oxidant rich seeds from Fiddyment Farms, because these gems, grown in Southern California and packaged in nearby Lincoln, have a more vibrant and complex taste than the average, stale, oversalted green nut. Fiddyment's lightly salted pistachios are perfection, but the garlic onion, sea salt and pepper, and chili lime are so exquisite, your tongue will sweet-talk you into thinking it's a waste of taste not to suck the seasoning off the shells, too. Find a market near you to purchase the nuts—or pistachio butter—at