Get outta town

Sometimes, you just gotta get outta town. But if you find yourself near Oakland, herbivores and omnivores alike would be remiss to pass up the opportunity to sample Souley Vegan's fare. Yeah, it's soul food, and it's totally vegan, but holy Mother Nature, has it got some funk—only the good kind, though. Hearty options, such as the mesmerizing nutritional-yeast-based mac ’n’ cheese; savory gravy-and-onion smothered fried tofu; and the zingy, well-balanced potato salad will make the trek worth it. The cayenne lemonade and cucumber-infused water are perfect sipping complements. Even fellow diners were unbelievably friendly. Seriously, my only complaint about this eatery is that it isn't in Sacramento. Taste test it yourself at 301 Broadway in Oakland (