Not actually from France

Maybe they just come for the scenery.

Maybe they just come for the scenery.

MUFON stands for the Mutual UFO Network, one of the oldest and largest organizations dedicated to the investigation of unidentified flying objects. According to their official Hollywood consultant, Dan Aykroyd, MUFON is working to provide “a realistic perspective on what these anomalies are and who might be controlling them.”

Straight from the pen of Beldar himself, folks.

Seriously, though, not every UFO enthusiast is an automatic believer in little green men, and sightings of aerial phenomena have been recorded since ancient times, many by otherwise reputable sources. Case in point: The 65th anniversary of the “Battle of Los Angeles” is just a month away, and there’s still no explanation as to what nearly 12,000 people saw over Culver City and Santa Monica in late February of 1942. The Army’s 37th Coast Artillery fired thousands of rounds at something that night, killing three people on the ground. Nevertheless, the object continued on its way, seemingly unscathed, finally disappearing over Long Beach. Weird.

The Sacramento chapter of MUFON will hold its monthly meeting this Saturday at noon at Round Table Pizza, 8760 La Riviera Drive. It’s an informal setting for ufologists to share their experiences and evidence of sightings and, of course, to consume mass quantities of Round Table pizza. This month’s meeting will feature video footage of a south Sacramento sighting captured this past December. For more information call (916) 366-0351 or visit