No on Proposition 93

Paul Netto is the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Congress in the 4th District.

Proposition 93 is a measure on the February 5 presidential-primary ballot that would modify current law pertaining to legislative term limits. It would not extend the term limits per se—in fact, it would actually shorten the total term allowed by two years—but would allow for the entire limited term to be served in either one house or the other. The sticking point, though, is that it would allow current incumbents a longer term.

A central issue in my campaign for the District 4 U.S. congressional seat is the introduction of term limits for the U.S. legislative branch, along the lines of California’s legislative term limits. America is not well-served with the government being run by a crowd of privileged lawyers assured of lifelong re-election based merely upon their incumbency. That this will require a constitutional amendment should not prove daunting, considering the average American’s disgust with the poor performance and behaviors of the good old boys and girls in Congress.

Getting back to Proposition 93, I believe that this measure is nothing but a scam, dreamed up by politicians who are nearing the end of California’s current term limits and are petrified by the prospect of having to go out and find a real job again. Two score of our legislators have become so addicted to the taste of power that they are trying to amend California’s Constitution to serve their own appetites. Just throw the bums out!

This is further proof of the old truth that power corrupts. I believe that any person, no matter how fundamentally good they may be initially, will be corrupted in some manner by unending political power.

I encourage a no vote on Proposition 93. California’s current term limits are quite satisfactory. If we are to preserve freedom for our children and grandchildren, we must embrace the concept of educated, common citizens holding political office for limited periods of time. We are already familiar with the mess that professional, life-long politicians can make of our world. It is time to put our trust in each other.