New year, new work

If once again your list of New Year’s resolutions includes “I will finally write my novel/short story,” but you’re weary of watching spring, uh, spring without having done anything about it, there are a couple of options. The new year will see new writing workshops with two local fiction coaches and teachers. Valerie Fioravanti, mistress of ceremonies at Stories on Stage, has two workshops opening in January: a novel workshop, for writers who have completed 30-50 pages of a novel, and a beginning fiction writers’ workshop designed for writers with no workshop experience. For more information, visit her website at And Katie McCleary will be offering three classes this spring: “Writing the Marvelous—The Modern Fable (Magical Realism/Fabulism)”; “Generate New Stuff!” (a class on generating work, first drafts and the artistic process); and “Playful Revision.” For more information, visit her website at