New noodle in town

Pad Kee Mao, Thai Farm House BBQ & Bistro

The Coconut on T has served the best Thai in town for a little while—and won SN&R’s Best Of reader’s pick this year. But its expansion into Midtown, The Drunken Noodle, could take notes on its namesake dish from Thai Farm House BBQ & Bistro. The new restaurant serves the meal under its traditional name, Pad Kee Mao ($8.95). Coated in a tasty chili garlic sauce, the wide and soft rice noodles come mixed with onions, green beans and bell peppers as well as sprigs of fresh Thai basil that provide a crisp licorice contrast. Although it’s still lacking a sign, this small spot deserves your attention. 1049 Broadway, (916) 382-9448.