My Christian apology

P.C. Walker is a freelance writer from Rocklin and a member of The Gathering, a young adult (18-35) ministry of Adventure Christian Church

As a Christian, I would like to apologize.

Each time I read headlines, I die a little inside. I read about “God Hates Fags” T-shirts and radicals claiming God killed our soldiers for being in a military that “harbors homosexuals.” I read about the picketing and bombing of abortion clinics, and, as a Christian, I feel ill.

Why would I apologize for my religion? First, Christians are not supposed to behave this way. Second, though we confront things we disagree with, Christians are to do so in a compassionate and honorable way. This is not the approach I frequently see.

Why should I apologize? After all, they do these things, not me.

But whether I like it or not, I must associate myself with all Christians. If one Christian harms you, you have every reason to associate me with these poor examples. From a Christian perspective (and in our own Christian lingo), I am a part of the “Body of Christ.” When one member of that body presents a poor example of the love we are commanded to express, then, by association, I am compelled to apologize on behalf of other Christians.

If you believe Christians are supposed to be flawless, either by their own claims or by your understanding of what we are to be, I must admit I am a hypocrite. I am a walking paradox: I lie, I mistreat people I know and those I do not. This means I am either a hypocrite, or as imperfect as anyone else. I accept either description, though the latter is probably more accurate.

Does this mean I approve of homosexuality, abortion or other things Christians denounce? No! It is not necessary that everyone agree with me, but I can apologize for hurtful Christian responses.

Please accept my apology as a Christian, on behalf of Christians.

I apologize for: Any “God Hates Fags” sign you may have come across, any “Repent or Burn” sign you may have read, any good friends you have lost when their Christian faith meant no longer associating with you, any Christian who has knocked on your door with no desire or motive other than their own, any hurtful and insensitive comments or actions directed at you from Christians.

I apologize for these actions.