Must Love Dogs

Rated 2.0

Although it has a good heart, and decent casting with Diane Lane and John Cusack, this is just a routine, often mundane romantic comedy. Lane plays a divorced spinster (yeah, right!) forced into Internet dating by her loving sister (Elizabeth Perkins). Enter Cusack as another recently divorced person who, surprise, finds Lane intriguing. They date once, they screw up, they date again, they screw up yet again, and then they finally get together for good because that’s what happens in these things. There are some funny moments, but these are killed by sequences like a Partridge Family sing-along that’s acid on the ears. As far as Internet-dating movies go, this one beats the Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan vomit train You’ve Got Mail but pales in comparison to the Sandra Bullock-Brendan Fraser laugh riot Internet Dates are Go! Actually, that movie doesn’t exist, but it seems like a possibility, doesn’t it?