Music Pick of the Week

OK, so this is the last Bobby Burns item you’ll be forced to read in the SN&R. What’s happening is that some pals of the late drummer and bon vivant have rented out the Crest Theatre Wednesday, Oct. 18, in homage to his royal yabba-dabba-dooness. What’s on the program? "I’m still foggy on it," says promoter Jerry Perry. "We’re working as quickly and as diligently as we can." Which is to say that mannequins still must be fitted with some of Bobby’s loud threads, video clips of the closest thing we had to Lord Buckley living the Tom Waits song catalogue are still being edited and other aspects of the musical, dramatic and metaphysical presentation are still waiting to be pulled out of the ether by participating adepts. Two things are certain, however: Cocktails will be poured, and a good time will be had by most. The exhibit opens a shade after happy hour, and admission is $5.