Music Pick of the Week

Six strings to heaven

Before Windham Hill Records turned into a synonym for yuppie wallpaper music, it was a prime exponent of some fine instrumental acoustic guitar records. And, after founder Will Ackerman, his cousin Alex de Grassi was the label’s second signing, way back in 1978. Yeah, “new age” sounds so trite now, but when it was a new term it was a catch-all for music that expanded your consciousness—and De Grassi’s records certainly did that. He’s still making beautiful music, but now for his own label, Tropo. He also does live shows, and one of those is coming up Friday night, Oct. 6, at the Central United Methodist Church, 5265 H St. in East Sacramento. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $15, and you’ll also get to hear Italian fingerstyle guitarist Franco Morone, who specializes in Celtic traditionals in addition to his original music. Sound like a good deal?