Multitude of media

“Untitled (Eavesdropper)” by Darrin Martin, archival inkjet print, 2009.

“Untitled (Eavesdropper)” by Darrin Martin, archival inkjet print, 2009.

Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento

1519 19th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 498-9811

Darrin Martin’s work can be stirring, ethereal, mathematical and steeped in science. He uses many forms of media to probe ideas, and his results—some in the form of digital prints, sculptures, multimedia installations or film—depict the journey of his attempts at knowledge. This UC Davis professor of video and media arts has screened his films nationally and internationally, and this month he’ll be exhibiting his multitude of media works in Improbable Mends at the Center for Contemporary Art Sacramento. He also will be giving a lecture there on Thursday, February 4. Farsty factoid: Martin had a film screened in the Impakt Festival, in Utrecht, Netherlands, earlier this year. And Utrecht is the name of an art-supply store chain. That is so artsy.