Mon Frere

Blood, Sweat & Swords

9 p.m. Wednesday at the Owl Club, 109 Church Street in Roseville. Call for cover.

Washington-based Mon Frere delivered a unique blend of techno, jazz and rock on its first EP, Real Vampires. The group’s new full-length evolves its sound, and it’ll have you dancing ’til you drop. Blood, Sweat & Swords is a delicious blend of pop-rock guitar courtesy of Kyle Swisher, plus catchy synth-keyboard tunes, powerhouse electro beats and superb poppy vocals delivered by Nouela Johnston. The sound is beautiful, but you may be a little scared by some of the lyrics: “I wanna see you beg / I wanna see you cry / I wanna watch you die!” It’s probably OK; Johnston surely means well. This underage writer was truly devastated to hear that the only local show Mon Frere will be doing is a May 24 gig at the Owl Club in Roseville, an over-21 venue. The bastards!