Mommy and Daddy

Fighting Style Killer Panda

Dear Mommy and Daddy: You’re onto something with the name Fighting Style Killer Panda. People keep grabbing your CD off the SN&R music stacks and excitedly asking, “Who is Fighting Style Killer Panda?” Alas, when told your band’s name is Mommy and Daddy, they’re disappointed. But it’s not too late! Your first U.S. EP has truly danceable moments. “Confection” should climb the Vicious playlist with its catchy mélange of Mommy’s new-wave vocals, hand claps and synth-horns. Daddy’s voice is a dead ringer for John Lydon’s (a plus or minus, depending on one’s opinion of Public Image Ltd.), but often degenerates into barely tolerable shouting. The lyrics are vapid, but who needs depth when the dance beat works? Let Mommy sing more, change your name to Fighting Style Killer Panda, and success is imminent. Love,

—Becca Costello