Mixed Reviews

Aaron Cometbus

Coffee is important to Aaron Cometbus. Vitally, crucially important. So are bicycles, conversations, bus rides, Dumpster diving, libraries and various other commonplace pleasures that have been celebrated in his legendary and long-running zine, Cometbus, for years. After a gigantic anthology published in 2002, it seems Aaron is moving on, away from his trademark hand-printed text and the zine format, in favor of a more literary style. Still accessible, still humble, still punk, Mixed Reviews pairs a few quirky coffee and restaurant “reviews” with an assortment of the short, personal tales of travel, urban life, bittersweet romance and idealism that Cometbus readers, and others, will recognize and love. This new, compact volume costs only three bucks and fits perfectly in a pocket—it’s just made to be read.