Meet SN&R’s first Diversity Intern

Kris Hooks is SN&R’s newest staff member. He was one of several dozens who applied for SN&R’s paid Diversity Internship program, and we’re thrilled to have the Sacramento City College journalism student join us for the next few months.

So, Kris, how’d you end up in our newsroom?

I was once a kinesiology major, but realized that I really, really hated science. So I changed my major to English, and then to journalism.

Share something about yourself that nobody else knows.

My favorite types of movies are rom-coms. They’re hilariously adorable for no real reason at all.

Umm. Any favorites?

Probably Friends with Benefits with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. But the best one to me is 500 Days of Summer.

When you’re not working—which will be never—what do you enjoy in your spare time?

I’m usually watching sports. Either that or watching terrible TV shows and movies.

What do you love to hate-watch?

That’s a tough one, because they’re all pretty bad at this point. But probably Pretty Little Liars. That show is so awful.

Should the Kings trade DeMarcus?

The Kings have a lot more to worry about than Boogie.

Tell me why you’re stoked to be here.

I’m really just excited to write things that people outside of my school and immediate family will read.