May 2007: Iraq War timeline

Look for SN&R’s updated timeline at the beginning of each month


4.29The N.Y. Times reports that of eight completed U.S. reconstructionprojects in Iraq, seven no longer function properly. 3,351 62,657
5.3U.S. completes wall around Baghdad’s Adhamiya district, despite protests from Iraqis. 3,364 62,897
5.8Report claims the Tigris River is dying; pollution from oil, chemicals, military waste and corpses have made the water in Sadr City undrinkable.3,38163,204
5.10 Iraqi Christian leaders demand that the government protect Baghdad’s Christians from Al Qaeda violence. 3,388 63,450
5.12 Al Qaeda claims to have captured three U.S. soldiers missing from the battlefield. The N.Y. Times reports that $5 million-$15 million in Iraqi oil “disappears” every day. 3,394 63,571
5.13 The Sunday Observer of London reports that death squads have killed 234 Baghdadis in 11 days. 3,396 63,610
5.22 The S.F. Chronicle reports that troop levels could be doubled, from 52,500 in January 2007 to 98,000, by the end of the year. 3,433 64,132
5.25 President Bush signs $100 billion Iraq-spending bill after Congress removes timetable for withdrawal. 3,448 64,291
5.26 U.S. officials claim that a militant in custody in Iraq has ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. 3,457 64,348
5.29 U.S. anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan retires, citing congressional Democrats’ failure to end the war. 3,472 64,522
5.30 President Bush envisions a U.S. presence in Iraq like the one in South Korea, according to spokesman Tony Snow. 3,474 64,593
5.31 A Baghdad suicide bomber kills 20 while Al Qaeda clashes with a rival Sunni faction in the southern city. 3,476 64,664

Sources: Reuters, the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Sunday Observer, Department of Defense, Iraq Coalition Casualties, Iraq Body Count