Marriage of classics

Happy people. Perhaps even shiny?

Happy people. Perhaps even shiny?

Veterans Memorial Amphitheatre

7991 California Ave.
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

(916) 966-3683

Rated 4.0

Singing to Mozart is no easy feat. Yet, the Fair Oaks Theatre Festival’s She Stoops to Conquer—The New Mozart Musical ambitiously marries classical Mozart with the classic comedy of manners by Oliver Goldsmith. Like any marriage, the production is at times harmonious, other times out of sync, but in the end worth the commitment. The 20 songs, penned by Kate Styrsky, create a more exaggerated version of the 18th-century story about well-to-do Kate Hardcastle turned faux barmaid to elicit a proposal from wealthy Marlow, who lacks game with proper girls. At times, the lyrics and timing seem forced to match Mozart’s symphonies, rondos and concertos. Yet, Act 2 begins hilariously strong and seems more like a party for the eclectic cast, of which is audience is definitely a part.