Rated 3.0

Writer-director Stephen Belber’s film is another of those quirky little character studies with more faith in good feeling than in logic, and just enough compassion to suggest that the difference between romance and a restraining order is the willingness not to press charges. Picture Steve Zahn as a romantically fixated man-child motel clerk, skydiving into a pool while taking semi-automatic BB gunfire from an ex-punk yogurt mogul played by Woody Harrelson, in order to win back the confused affection of a lonely, chilly, reluctant yuppie played by Jennifer Aniston. And that’s after he’s already stalked her across the country. Twice. So there you have it. Management can’t be accused of excessive realism, but it does give your goodwill the benefit of the doubt. Belber and his cast have sense enough to find their own contrivance suspicious, but heart enough to want to indulge it anyway.