Make Your Move

Rated 2.0

A New Orleans street dancer (Derek Hough) jumps parole to join his foster brother up north (Wesley Jonathan), who runs an underground dance club in Brooklyn. There our hero steps into the middle of a feud with another club by falling for the sister (BoA) of the rival club's owner. The movie's subtitle might be But Let a Stunt Double Make Some of the Moves for You. Even so, the dancing is lively and the actors (especially Hough) do enough of it themselves, without doubles or digital trickery, that the movie flares occasionally to life. Between dances things get pretty stale and predictable in the hands of writer-director Duane Adler, writer of the dreary Step Up movies, from which he borrows indiscriminately here. It's Flashdance meets Romeo and Juliet, only nobody dies—and it sure ain't Shakespeare.