A Haunted House 2

Rated 1.0

It's a sure sign that you're watching a Wayans joint when the first “joke” about molesting a comatose woman comes during the opening credits. Marlon Wayans co-writes and stars in A Haunted House 2, his second attempt at shadowing the Scary Movie franchise, here ostensibly satirizing both found-footage horror and newfangled creak shows like The Conjuring and Insidious. Aside from the occasional obvious and toothless genre parody, the humor mostly centers around rape, butchered house pets, rape, and that old chestnut, the differences between white people and black people (hot tip: black men have a great fondness for large butts, whereas white men do not like them as much). Wayans spends most of the movie screaming at inanimate objects (including Jaime Pressly, as his wife), and there is a scene of him sexually violating a wooden doll that is Oscar-worthy work in my hell.