Magical mystery tour

By now, no doubt, you’ve been made aware of all the Christmasy business going on around town this week. Perhaps you seek alternatives. You’re probably less aware of the Temple of Thelema’s Winter Solstice Ritual, which takes place every year on December 28. As the press release explains, “Yes, we know the Solstice is Dec. 21. :-) Our ritual is purposely held 7 days after the solstice for various symboolic reasons.” I don’t know much about the Temple of Thelema—it is self-described as both a true Outer Order of the Greater Mysteries and a registered nonprofit corporation—but I figure any organization inclined to combine coy reticence with a flair for emoticons has got to be all right. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” seems awfully forward-thinking to me. For those of you concerned about journalistic integrity and inclined venomously to write in, I should say that this is not a religious endorsement. Nor, for that matter, is it an irreligious endorsement. It’s just an idea for something to do. I should also say that if you can envision a fat old man presiding over a North Pole elf sweatshop and delivering its commodities via flying reindeer to the homes of Christian children everywhere in a single night, your mind is open enough. Also known as the Return of the Light, the solstice ritual, like my advice, is free but amenable to $10 donations. Of what does it consist? You must call (916) 273-5631 to find out. Actually, when you call, the message won’t go into much detail, asking instead for your name and number. If you’re for real, the temple will get back to you.