Lunch and laundry

Imagine the weekly chore as more of a food adventure

illustration by Sarah Hansel

Laundry day. People hate it. But why? Laundry should be fun!

Don’t look at it as a chore, look at it as an excuse to live it up a little. Why sit at home all day doing one load at a time? Haul your filthy garments down to the local laundromat and bang it all out in like two hours. Explore new neighborhoods, make new friends and clean your attitude as well as your clothes.

It’s also an excuse to grab a good meal. Heck, you could even ask someone out on a laundry date. Like they say: You don’t truly know anyone until you’ve seen their dirty clothes. OK, they don’t really say that but maybe they should. There are plenty of reliable laundromats that are next to solid lunch spots. Quick tip: It’s generally best to wander off while your clothes are washing and to linger around when they are drying. I have never had my clothes stolen, but it does happen. However, if someone is willing to steal your sopping wet unmentionables, they probably need them more than you do. Without further ado, here are some recommendations for an excellent lunch and laundry adventure.

Neighborhood noshes

Lola’s Laundry on Northgate Boulevard is one of my favorite spots. It has giant washing machines and incredibly efficient dryers, but the real reason to visit is that Lola’s is smack dab in the middle of one of the coolest shopping centers in Sacramento. Throw your clothes in the washing machine and now you have about an hour. Hungry?

La Flor De Michoacan makes the best pupusas in town. Kiki’s Chicken Place is right next door if you like chicken and waffles. There’s also a Hawaiian barbecue spot, a new Brazilian place and El Bramido is right across the street if you want a really good burrito or an excellent Michelada and some nachos. There’s even a Baskin-Robbins. What more could you ask for? Want to wander around? Check out Shan Market (Indian food and halal meats). 2369 Northgate Blvd.;

K Street suds

Part of the Love Laundry chain empire, this location right in the heart of Midtown may be a little more expensive than an independent business, but the free Wi-Fi and the cashless option (the machines accept credit and debit cards) make it a convenient spot for people with no life/work balance. Kidding. If you want to eat, the ever-delicious Tres Hermanas is right across the street, the underrated Golden Bear is up the street a little and Midtown’s Cantina Alley is right around the corner. 2431 K St.;

It’s a wash

“FREE DRYING!” That’s what the sign says outside Sudz Yer Dudz. The washing machines are a little pricey, but the dryers are free. So … it’s a wash. Both The 33rd Street Bistro (always a good choice) and Cafe Capricho, the Mexican spot with the Italian-sounding name, are right across the street. Coffee Works is next door, and if you’re feeling salty, there’s a KFC at Folsom and Alhambra boulevards. Besides, walking to the KFC and back will make you feel better about eating that entire three-piece combo. 3424 Folsom Blvd.

Find a lost sock

Launderland is a great space. Not just because they have a collection of lost socks, not even because they have an excellent micro library in the “need a book take a book, have a book, leave a book” style. Not because they run a program to help the unhoused wash their clothes, and not because their attendants are hella friendly. The space is great because right next door is Sampino’s, which makes the best roast beef sandwich in Sacramento. Argue with your laundry date about it. Also: Taqueria Jalisco, a walk-up Mexican eatery, is a few blocks away, along with what may be the last H. Salt Fish & Chips in the state. Its tartar sauce comes right out of the packet, but the fish is expertly fried and the prices are great. But the micro library and trying to find that lost sock should give you something to do while you wait for your clothes to dry. 1603 F St.