Lovely and Amazing

Rated 3.0 Complications from liposuction hospitalize the matriarch (Brenda Blethyn) of a trio of daughters who must put aside their neuroses, differences and own personal problems to comfort and support their mother. The eldest daughter (Catherine Keener) is a former homecoming queen stuck in a loveless, adulteress marriage. Her younger sister (Emily Mortimer) is an insecure actress and idealist with a teetering career and love life. The youngest sibling (Raven Goodwin) is an adopted, overweight African-American 8-year-old with an attitude who is preoccupied with her physical appearance. This serio-comic family portrait about self-absorption, self-esteem and family dynamics is excellently acted but more blatantly offbeat than dramatic. Jake Gyllenhaal and Dermot Mulroney co-star as respective lovers of the two eldest sisters. Written and directed by Nicole Holocener (Walking and Talking).