Eight Legged Freaks

Rated 3.0 Residents of a rural mining town are terrorized by hundreds of large mutant spiders after a chemical spill contaminates a pond in this brisk throwback to science fiction invasion movies of the 1950s. David Arquette stars as mining engineer Chris, who returns home after several years of absence to work his deceased father’s mine. The mayor and most of the bankrupt populace are preparing to put the entire town up for sale when the arach attack begins. Chris and a female sheriff (Kari Wuhrer) mobilize the locals as a conspiracy-obsessed radio host (Doug E. Doug) gets plenty of opportunities to scream “I told you so!” The humor and acting are rather lame but the action is more fast and fun than ferocious. This minor surge of retro escapism is co-written and directed by Ellroy Elkayem.