Love Is All You Need

Rated 3.0

A Copenhagen hairdresser (Trine Dyrholm), freshly done with chemo for breast cancer, catches her husband cheating just as she's about to leave for her daughter's wedding in Italy. Stressed and distraught, she gets off on the wrong foot with the groom's curmudgeonly father (Pierce Brosnan). Director and co-writer (with Anders Thomas Jensen) Susanne Bier sets a steady pace for her romantic dramedy of family dysfunction, but she lays on the melodrama a few coats too thick, and a plot turn at the 90-minute mark (which we see coming at least an hour earlier) is perhaps one crisis too many. Still, performances are appealing (especially Dyrholm's), the cast (except for Brosnan) hops with effortless charm from Danish to English and back again, and the Mediterranean locations are beautifully photographed by Morten Soborg.