Rated 4.0

In 1947, Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl pulled off one of the most spectacular stunts of the 20th century by sailing a primitive raft from Peru to Polynesia to support his theory that the South Pacific was colonized by ancient South Americans. His theory remains widely discounted, but his exploit fascinated the world, giving him a bestselling book, a 1951 documentary Oscar, and a long life of similar adventures. Directors Joachim R&#;oslash;nning and Espen Sandberg have dramatized Heyerdahl's voyage in a gleaming production (shot simultaneously in Norwegian and English). Characters are sketchily drawn except for Heyerdahl himself (well-played by Pål Sverre Hagen), but the men-against-the-sea story, gorgeous photography (by Geir Hartly Andreassen), and knowing it's all true make the movie a real pleasure.