Love and Other Drugs

Rated 2.0

Adapted from the nonfiction book Hard Sell and loosely based, if at all, on the way human beings behave, the insipid Love and Other Drugs was arguably the worst film of 2010. But since the lovely, raven-haired starlet Anne Hathaway spends most of the second act strutting about naked as a jaybird, I’m forced to bump my rating up a notch (if nothing else, I’ve got standards). Edward Zwick’s tone-deaf romantic comedy/’90s nostalgia fest, however, is a train wreck from the very beginning. The film opens in 1996—with a montage set to the Spin Doctors’ 1991 hit “Two Princes.” (Hathaway’s character also appears to live in a discarded set from Rent.) The film’s very premise is moronic—Jake Gyllenhaal plays an ambitious lothario who becomes a successful “prescription-drug-company rep,” even though that term is just industry jargon for “coed in a bikini.”