We learned about triple point, the state where vapor, liquid and solid forms of a substance exist in equilibrium with one another, in high-school chemistry. Perhaps Scott Morgan, sometimes drummer for Vancouver band Destroyer, had a flashback to his teens when choosing the concept for his latest release. The album centers, largely, around the dynamics of matter vs. anti-matter; on the disc, Morgan exploits synths, samplers and computer programs. Triple Point is an ambient journey that sounds as if it could’ve been released via Hydrogen Dukebox or, perhaps, might be a Cluster-Eno-Rapoon outtake. Loscil is tempered by a lack of high end and is accentuated by Morgan’s choice of minor keys and dissonance—something a film-score aficionado such as Morgan might conjure. If you’re a fan of recent Labradford/Pan American releases, Loscil will be the next logical step.