Bitch and Animal

Child labor, slavery, loggers and breeding are bad. Such are the shocking statements made by Bitch and Animal, as they do their predictable Ani Difranco impersonation. The embarrassing fact that Ani produces, guests on and owns the label distributing this poor attempt at in-your-face fem-core reminds one of Bowie turning Iggy Pop-Blah Blah Blah into a bad version of his own worst self. “Ganja,” an attempt at satirizing Christian hymns, comes off like the scatological bastardizations of Christmas carols we all once reveled in. “Joy to the world the school burnt down” is in fact mighty prose next to these junior high love songs and bathroom wall limericks parading as political statements. “Best cock on the block” proves that the show-us-your-tits mentality remains distasteful, even in the hands of lesbian folk, rap, and would-be superstars. Skip it. Ani’s own next disc can’t be too far behind.