Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman—The Complete Second Season

Warner Home Video

Sure, it bastardized many hallmarks of the Superman mythos (focusing on Clark Kent as the real person and Superman as the disguise was not the least of its sins), but what this mid-’90s TV show lacked in respect for the source material, it made up for in Teri Hatcher at peak-level hotness. This season, watch as Superman battles Metallo, a resurrected Lex Luthor and the Prankster (played by Balki from Perfect Strangers), among others. The show’s real heart is the romance, or lack thereof, between Lois and Clark/Superman. On that end, fans get an “almost” first date, a real first date, a brief rival for Lois’ affections and finally the all-important secret-identity reveal. Extra features prove a lot less heroic, with just two mini-documentaries and one lonely commentary. Can’t be super all the time.