Rated 1.0

Former X-Man Logan, the Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), and the near-senile professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart)—living in squalor in Mexico, hiding from dark forces (led by Richard E. Grant) seeking to bend the race of mutants to their evil will—are forced to help a fugitive mutant child (Dafne Keen) flee to safety. The gloomiest and grisliest of the X-Men franchise is expertly crafted in detail but overlong, dreary and dispiriting as a whole. Rated a hard R for its Grand Guignol violence, in which every decent person meets a bloody and horrible end, the movie has an ugly edge: Keen looks about ten years old, and putting her through these paces amounts to a distasteful kind of kiddie porn. Written and directed by James Mangold as if he’s bored to death with the series—a feeling it’s easy to share. J.L.