Life Sucks

Jessica Abel, Gabriel Soria and Warren Pleece

Talk about your dead-end jobs: Dave, the night manager at a Los Angeles convenience store, has the boss from hell. Literally. In order to insure cheap, reliable labor, Dave’s vampire boss “turned” him. Now life really sucks for this vegan nerd-boy. Dave drinks stale bank blood from a V-8 bottle and can’t exercise all his vamp powers because developing them requires hunting and killing people, which freaks him out. And don’t forget the pretty Goth girl, Rosa, who likes Dave but likes the “idea” of vampires more. Then there’s Wes, the surfer-vamp boy with a bad attitude and an eye on Rosa. This inventive, post-Buffy vampire tale by Jessica Abel and Gabriel Soria really soars with teen angst and intelligent dialogue. Warren Pleece (of Incognegro fame) adds beautiful, full-color illustrations.