Did Lincoln Own Slaves?: And Other Frequently Asked Questions About Abraham Lincoln

Gerald J. Prokopowicz

For those who want a quick and basic overview of Lincoln’s life and character, Gerald Prokopowicz’s Did Lincoln Own Slaves? is a fast and entertaining read. By splitting the book into short sections that cover many facets of Lincoln’s life, Prokopowicz keeps a brisk and lively pace in this Q-and-A-style biography. Lincoln’s childhood, his marriage, the war, the origins of his beard and just about anything else you can think of is neatly summarized by efficient, matter-of-fact and often humorous answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, like, well, “Did Lincoln own slaves?” With humor, Prokopowicz portrays Lincoln as warm and accessible, reminding readers just how great and complex America’s most beloved and mythologized president really was.