Letters for November 7, 2013

SN&R reaps what it sows

Re “Kings fan venom” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor's Note, October 31):

The trend of vehemently denouncing people for differences of opinion is now an accepted facet of our society. Don't like the Sacramento Kings getting a $400 million upfront gift from the taxpayers? Then you're obviously a hater, and you have to be shouted down. Don't agree with President Barack Obama on pretty much anything? Then you're obviously a racist. Dare to ask why global warming hasn't been as bad as Al Gore told us it would be? Oh, well, then, you're an ignorant denier!

I suppose this is the society some people wanted, given that they can't form cogent arguments to support their opinions. All that's left is character assassination, and I imagine that actual assassination isn't too far behind.

It's also interesting to see the proverbial chicken come home to roost as an editor of the SN&R complains about this kind of behavior, given that he's signed off on a slew of articles that have done just the same to Christians, conservatives, tea partiers, global-warming skeptics and people who are no fans of Obama. You reap what you sow.

Peter Finn


Support mental-health hospital in north Sac

Re “Psych, out!” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, October 24):

The idea of creating a mental-health facility that helps in any way, shape or form is awesome and inspiring.

I truly understand the concern from residents who do not understand those with mental-health challenges. However, I embrace this decision and wish the residents who are opposed to this hospital could put themselves in the shoes of people struggling every single moment with a mental-health condition. It’s time for us all to support each other and not live life by a status symbol and such greed. Support helping all in need. It’s the right thing to do, and we all truly know it.

Nikki Pitzner

via email

Good riddance, Raymond

Re “Saved from the hell?” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Bites, October 24):

Thanks again, Cosmo, for shedding the only light in our local media on Jonathan P. Raymond and the Sacramento City Unified School District zombie board, led by the ever compliant and ethic-deficient Jeff Cuneo. How these knuckleheads ever got elected is a study in civics gone wrong. In order for us to reclaim our children’s education from the privateers, such as Michelle Rhee and Raymond, we must be a lot more vigilant as voters and only support candidates who will guarantee, in writing, to roll back all charter-school funding, never approve another charter school in Sacramento, and refund and reopen the public schools Raymond closed. Let’s make a pact with our children that we will never take our eye off the ball again and elect foxes to guard our henhouse.

Jerry Tamburino

via email


In last week’s Bites column, “More low-power radio coming to Sacramento,” SN&R editors incorrectly stated that the Alliance Française of Sacramento is applying to the Federal Communications Commission for a low-power FM frequency. That is incorrect: The Sacramento French Film Festival is in fact the applicant.