Letters for October 17, 2013

Our readers chime in on Sacramento's Little Saigon, the government shutdown and Diane Ravitch

South Sac for dinner only?

Re “Big taste in Little Saigon” (SN&R Feature Story, October 3):

I live in the very neighborhood you are describing. While I applaud the effort of those who try to make it a better place, it's still a bad place to live for poor people like me. It's not a big deal to come and chow down, but you probably don't want to live here. We have to watch our backs on a very regular basis.

A. Jackson


Hold congressmen’s paychecks

Re “GOP attacks poor (again)” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor’s Note, October 3):

How come I haven’t heard anyone state the most obvious way to solve this children’s game? It’s simple. Put a hold on congressmen’s pay, perks and medical coverage until they can grow up and do their job. I imagine most people would get behind this and agree! I would think a congressman would be in a position to handle this as much as the people they’re putting out of work.

Chris Ivey


Take back Sac City school board

Re “The great education-reform swindle” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Bites, October 3):

Thanks, SN&R, for caring enough about our children to report on the public-school privatization war going on here in Sacramento. Led by Broad Academy-indoctrinated Jonathan Raymond and a Sacramento City Unified School District board stuffed with people more concerned for their own enrichment than the education of our children, the privatizers have already closed many of our public schools with many more to come unless we stop them.

The simple answer is this: There are four seats on the SCUSD board up for election within a year. We must replace the privateers with citizens who care about public education enough to stop funding private schools with public money and guarantee not to approve one more charter school in Sacramento. If we pay attention, we can reclaim our children’s education from these pirates. Now is the time.

Jerry Tamburino