Letters for January 4, 2018

Story exposed a murderer

Re “Confessions of a killer cop” by Raheem F. Hosseini (Feature, December 14):

I am a long-time reader of the News & Review. I have watched you grow as a journalist through the years. Which shows that your publication has had good editors, and a good publisher. But the credit goes to you. And your story on Tennis was the best I have read in your publication.

Your writing was very good. You rose to the occasion. Congratulations. And the story made a wonderful and very easy to understand comparison between the feelings of Tennis and his victim’s family. There really is no comparison and you showed that. You did not flinch from showing Tennis for how he really is—a murderer, even though you got a scoop.

Luke Wilson

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Wine, nuts and water

Re “Bidding in secret” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, December 28):

Delta water for south Fresno? Since California’s aquifer has been all but sucked dry for wine grapes and nut trees, you bet they need more water. Is another mouthful of Smokehouse almonds washed down with another f’n glass of Merlot worth this environmental sellout?

Joe Rothwell

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Oscar for Oldham

Re Darkest Hour Film review by Daniel Barnes (Film, December 14):

Movie reviews are subjective. I recently saw The Darkest Hour and I give it an excellent rating with the popcorn flying out of the tub. Gary Oldham as Churchill was Churchill for me and he deserves an Oscar in my opinion. This type of movie is an excellent way to present history. After the movie I went home and looked up related topics on Wikipedia and in my old encyclopedia.

Tricia Christie


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Throw ’em out

Re “Math and weed butter” by Ngaio Bealum (The 420, November 23):

Sacramento’s City Government needs a political enema and the only way that’ll happen is if We are successful in treating the next flare up of Electile Dysfunction. We know the problem. We know what the cure is. We have to be willing to get involved if We want change; We need to stop relying on the phantom known as Someone Else to get their hands dirty and to do the heavy lifting if We can reasonably expect the change that We seek. Remember that if We do nothing, then We should not be surprised when We get nothing. We are our own worst enemy and that insensibility is fueled by complacency and indolence …Our complacency and Our indolence. That ultimately is why Sacramento’s City Hall is bent by a very amateurish Tammany Hall. Our enemy is just as complacent and lazy as We are. Let’s give them a surprise this next election and hand them a “parting gift”…the standard-issue EDD pamphlet, “So you’re unemployed.”

Kirk Bolas

Fair Oaks


A “Grinch/Trump Award” write-up in the December 14 issue incorrectly stated that UC President Janet Napolitano was “Dubya’s former Homeland Security secretary.” She served in that position for President Barack Obama.

The “Sac natives grip the Grammys” write-up in the December 28 issue omitted that the song “Jungle” was a collaborative single between Pitbill and The Stereotypes. Also, The Stereotypes didn’t produce Far East Movement’s “Like a G6,” though they did sign Far East Movement to their production company. SN&R regrets the errors.