Letters for January 10, 2019

Re: “A Confederacy of Grinches,” (News, December 20):

Perhaps you need to rethink your Grinch designation of “the old guard.” Apparently, you believe that old women, or perhaps old people (though you noted no men) cannot energize younger voters. Age-ism doesn’t sit well with me, and I wonder how this article would read if you replaced the adjective “old” with, say, “Jew” or “black” or “disabled” or “pregnant.” I wonder if you’d even think to write this about Bernie Sanders. Maybe you could write a piece on why old age is such as acceptable criticism, especially one of women.

Sarah McGinn


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Pelosi, Feinstein doing work

Re: “A Confederacy of Grinches,” (News, December 20):

SN&R’s call for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein to make way for younger leaders reflects the kind of commonplace—and shameful—discrimination that older Americans face every day. It shouldn’t matter what the year is on someone’s birth certificate to judge their capability nor their effectiveness, just like it should not matter what color someone’s skin is, where they were born or what their sex is.

Pelosi is a powerhouse who just managed a historic Democratic takeover of the House. Feinstein continues to outshine colleagues half her age in fighting for our state’s interests. Both drubbed their younger opponents in November’s election. And the logic that the Democratic Party needs to nominate youngsters to bring out the youth vote also has no foundation in fact. The darling of 2016 Democratic primaries that attracted the energy and excitement of young voters was Bernie Sanders. He’s 77.

Steve Maviglio


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My favorite flicks

Re: “SN&R’s best and worst films of 2018,” (Arts & Culture, December 27):

I rather liked Venom. Not a great movie. But thought it was a good with great moments … I think my fav may have been Black Tide, a French film that only [had] 1 screening in Sacramento at Esquire IMAX. My least fav. Mamma Mia [Here We Go Again], probably.

David A. Quinley


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