Letters for February 27, 2020

Re: “Kids count, but can adults?” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, Feb. 13):

You say “voters can’t be blamed for being skeptical” and I get it, but applying this skepticism to Measure H is an oversimplification that will damage prospects for our kids. Facilities programs don’t experience the same pressures that led to deficits in the general operating budget (e.g., health care, special education costs).

Bond funds are available solely to repair and upgrade facilities. Independent audits and a citizen oversight committee ensure the district keeps its promises, and audits for prior bonds show the district has a solid track record of delivering on these promises.

Meanwhile, the district finally has the leadership stability it has desperately needed and is implementing concrete, long-overdue initiatives to improve outcomes for our kids. Measure H will provide our children the safe, modern facilities they deserve. The district stands ready to partner with the community in this effort. Invest in kids—vote yes on Measure H!

Lisa Murawski

Sacramento City Unified Schools trustee / via email

No on Measure H

Re: “Kids count, but can adults?” by Foon Rhee (Editor’s note, Feb. 13):

No, voters should not vote for Measure H. Sacramento City Unified School District has failed for years to finalize the redevelopment plan for Old Marshall School (long-vacant school property on 28th and G Streets in Midtown) despite a willing developer and a supportive community that wants action. The elected officers are powerless to finalize the plan.

Most recently, SCUSD dissolved its Facilities Committee so the voters have no way to understand what SCUSD is doing with regard to the schools. There is no way I am handing them more tax dollars to mismanage.

Julie Murphy

Sacramento / via Facebook

Time for alternative

Re: “Vote local” by Foon Rhee (Feature, Feb. 6):

Steve Hansen talks often of homelessness. Unfortunately, his votes on the no-fault eviction freeze and the continuation of the local church shelter program don’t reflect that he cares.

In the winter, the homeless need shelter from the weather. Permanent housing, training, and substance abuse counseling can wait until needs are met. Sports bore me. However, I do often park downtown and pay the higher parking fees to pay off the arena loans.

I’ve watched my representative vote on issues and been disappointed too many times. It doesn’t matter that Hansen is voting with the rest of the City Council. I’m just tired of landlords and developers running this town. I’ll vote for the alternative candidate.

Peter Rodman

Sacramento / via email

Vote for Vang

Re: “Vote local” by Foon Rhee (Feature, Feb. 6):

Clearly, Mai Vang represents the majority of voting demographics: women (currently there is only one woman on the Sacramento City Council and it has been 10 years since, growing up poor (she is the eldest of 16 kids and helped raise her siblings) and the work hard, study hard and you can achieve your goals even through tremendous challenges and obstacles demographic.

That is why I support and endorse her for council member of District 8.

Barry F. Boyd

Sacramento / via email