Letters for February 22, 2018

Planning for disaster

Re “Expanding Elk Grove” by Michael Mott (News, February 15); “Oil and water” by Eric Johnson (News, February 15):

Immediately following an article condemning oil exploration, we get this article about the annexation of 1,100 plus acres. For what? Building new freeways, homes, stores and gas stations! So which is it? Keep up urban sprawl and drill for more oil, or shut down needless growth and cut our use of fossil fuels?

Curt Fry


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Thanks, Pres. Trump

Re “Lies of a lying liar” by Ron Lowe (Letters, February 8):

Ron Lowe does nothing but complain about President Trump, calling him a liar, and he blames the religious right for the attacks on clinics. He needs to understand that whether a person is pro-life or pro-choice has nothing to do with what party a person is affiliated with. Also, Hillary Clinton has told her share of lies—the emails for one. Then in her first speech, she promised a $5,000 check for every one not on Obamacare to help with medical costs, but in the debates following she never said a word about that. Talk about breaking a promise that she never would have kept had she been elected. Ron needs to realize not everyone prospered during Obama’s term. I did better during the Bush era than the Obama era, which cost me thousands. At least Trump is helping me get some back.

David Simonetti

Grass Valley

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Fighting music

Re “Black Lives Matter Sacramento wants people to know it actually exists” by Raheem Hosseini (News, April 6, 2016):

I truly appreciate the work that Black Lives Matter has done and the commitment to bring about injustices committed against all people of color. I am appalled and disappointed that a high-ranking official took time to call a yoga business owner, who employs all races, and advise her that she has a class (led by a white woman married to a Black man and raising two bi-racial children) that played rap music in her yoga classes and demanded this cease immediately under threat of picketing and demonstrations. It was said that a black yoga instructor has the same type of rap yoga class and he felt offended that a white woman was offering the same class.

Music is music. It is universal and should not be censored. Should I not listen to country western because I am Black? I want to know your comments and the comments of your readers on this subject. I would like to know why Black Lives Matter entered into this area, a yoga class, no violence, no threat of violence, and a young mother playing and sharing music she enjoys with her students, where is the harm? Her classes were cut (because of the threat of picketing/demonstration) for what reason? Playing rap music while white? This is so wrong on so many levels.

Pamela Armstrong


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Hypocrisy and immigration

In this era of immigration-bashing, we remind ourselves that we all live in the same world. Each thwarted migration assures the misery of a family, and is therefore unjust. We do not wall Sacramento because we don’t like the impacts of migrants from Modesto. Denying others the chance for the better life that we ourselves enjoy is the moral low road. Who among us is in a position to dictate to any family anywhere that it should not better its lot through migration? Who are we to decide that someone may not sully the very nest that we ourselves defile? Are we not squatters in the house we claim to be protecting from squatters?

Evan Jones


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