Letters for February 1, 2018

Nice threads

Re “Huston Textile Co. is making rare fabric in Sacramento” by Rebecca Huval (Feature, January 25):

LOVED LOVED LOVED the spread on Huston!!! More of this!! How can we amplify regional fiber systems more!!! So cool.

Andrew Baskin


Denzel: freedom fighter

Re Roman J. Israel, Esq. film review by Daniel Barnes (Film, December 7):

This was a civil rights movie! The music (“Keep on Truckin,” “Time Has Come Today,” etc.). When in the new apartment, he said, “This is all we want!” It was so obvious to me, but not to most people. I don’t know why.

Bette Thatcher

Carmichael via newsreview.com

Water world war

Re “Another leak” by Scott Thomas Anderson (News, January 25):

More disturbing than Ms. Nemeth’s ethically questionable marriage, which has been known since it occurred within the “water world” with raised eyebrows, is the fact that Metropolitan Water District has been reimbursing the state of California for her salary in all of her positions and appointments from DWR to Natural Resources under John Laird. Seems to me that could be construed as questionable at best, grounds for honest services fraud that by definition constitutes bribery and kickbacks at worst. Surely MWD expected her decisions to be in the best interests of MWD and not the legal residents and taxpayers of California. Thank you for investigating and publishing these excellent articles, certainly the first since I became involved with exposing this boondoggle for the fraud it is in 2009. I look forward to your next installment.

Karen medders

Walnut Grove via newsreview.com

Stalled stars

Re Winter’s Waltz at California Stage review by Jeff Hudson (Stage, January 25):

Congratulations to Loren Taylor, Tory Scroggins and Janice Stevens. The name William Inge immediately brought Picnic to mind, only one of a series of hit plays and movies written by Inge. (Come Back, Little Sheiba; Bus Stop). Then he lost his ability to write. Broadhurst taking a mid-century-based character and bringing the character into this century gives a look at what happens to someone highly creative and lauded but no longer able to produce.

William Burgua

Sacramento via newsreview.com

Shut up and listen

Re “Canceling the SAMMIES show” by Steph Rodriguez (News, January 25):

Keep kicking yourself. It won’t make a difference with Black Lives Matter and other such groups. Jeff vonKaenel says, “This is exactly the discussion we want to create.” BLM wants no discussion other than what they have to say. That’s the problem. You can’t discuss, debate or express an opposing opinion. You’ll just have to keep the ice pack on to dull the pain.

Curt Fry

Sacramento via newsreview.com

Bye, SAMMIES show

I understand people who want to push for some change at the SN&R. I don’t understand anyone acting like shutting down something like the SAMMIES is a positive thing for Sacramento.

Matt Czarnowski

via Facebook

… and good riddance

“Hmm, should we actively reach out to the community or should we just cancel the show? Ahh, let’s just cancel!”

Joe McKinney

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