Let Me Tell You Where To Stick It / Let Me Tell You Where Not To Stick It

Mt. St. Mtn.

Let Me Tell You …is available for $2 at www.needles-pens.com.

This 20-page booklet from local record label Mt. St. Mtn. has thoroughly corrupted the SN&R arts editors. When unsuspecting visitors drop by our office, we thrust it into their hands and giggle. By “it,” we mean the zine. And by “it,” the zine means your penis. Jay Howell and Audrey Erickson’s “by no means comprehensive guide for your wang” juxtaposes presumably pleasurable sticking points like a pile of warm laundry, a birthday cake and (surprise!) a vagina, with such inhospitable orifices as an owl’s nest and a Chinese finger trap. Sure, these cartoons are sophomoric and more than a little perverted, but we haven’t stopped laughing yet. We have, however, stopped trying to get it on with a bucket of nails. Thanks for the tip!