Puppy Bowl III

Animal Planet

Some of us like our animals a bit more cuddly than, say, Colts and Bears. In fact, for those who could care less about Peyton Manning, Animal Planet is offering up its third-annual aww-ternative to the Super Bowl: Puppy Bowl III. Relax and enjoy the sight of cuddly puppies rassling, chewing, drooling and stumbling their way around a playpen that looks like a football stadium. Enjoy the insider’s view from the bowl-cam as that adorable pup slurps up some much-needed water—or just gets his feet wet. Marvel at the half-time kitten show. Even better, join Animal Planet in supporting adoption for homeless animals, as well as spaying and neutering pets. Get your giggle on, snuggle up with your puggle and find out what real “tail-gating” is all about.