Lessons from India

Illustration by Serene Lusano

Join Slow Food Sacramento, the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op and local author Meera Klein for a delicious dive into Indian cuisine. Klein’s memoir My Mother’s Kitchen focuses on the dishes she ate while growing up in South India, containing a mix of stories and recipes. As she explains in her book, the Indian kitchen isn’t just a place of utility; rather, it’s a place of healing and rejuvenation. At a special 6 p.m. class on Thursday, February 25, Klein will reflect on Indian food and culture while the co-op’s chef Adam Lovelace will cook and demonstrate recipes from the book. On the menu: a chickpea snack, sweet potato casserole, milk fudge and avial, a south Indian vegetable and coconut stew. The class takes place at the Sacramento Food Co-op’s Community Learning Center (1914 Alhambra Boulevard), and tickets cost $35 for Co-op owners and $45 for the general public. More at www.sacfoodcoop.com.