Last meals

If you’ve been making the rounds of Sacramento’s favorite restaurants lately, you’re not alone. We asked Patrick Mulvaney, owner of the soon-to-be-open restaurant Mulvaney’s Building and Loan (slated to open March 1 at 1215 19th Street; (916) 441-6022) about his last three dinners out.

1. “Last night at Hoa Viet noodle house at 19th and Broadway, I had a large No. 4: Vietnamese noodles and broth with brisket, tendon, tripe and flank steak, plus cilantro and basil and a squeeze of lime.”

2. “At Mason’s, we had a beautiful artichoke soup with bacon, seared rare ahi for an entree, and fried squash with Gorgonzola fondue.”

3. “The night before that, we ate at Waterboy, because it was rainy and I love [chef-owner Rick Mahan’s] cassoulet, but in Sacramento it’s often not cold enough for cassoulet. Dessert was chocolate brioche bread pudding with cinnamon anglaise.”